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Visitor profiling through booking engine data at tourist attractions

This pilot project focuses on the development of an innovative study in order to learn about the visitors’ profile of tourist attractions across Catalonia, through the data and a wide array of indicators that stem from tourists’ reservations in the attractions’ booking engines sites.

The results obtained will generate valuable data to characterize the profiles of visitors to the participating attractions along the main Catalan tourism destinations. In addition, the results will allow comparing visitor profiles for the different types of attractions across the destinations.


The project is currently in implementation (2021-2022). It has been coordinated by the Data Management Working Group on behalf of the founding members of the CoE in Tourism Innovation.

Artificial intelligence to know the consumption patterns of visitors

The Center of Excellence in Tourism Innovation has participated in the definition of requirements and the validation of results of the high-impact project promoted and executed by the Center of Innovation for Data tech and Artificial Intelligence (CIDAI) and its associated entities, focused on the application of artificial intelligence to learn about consumption patterns in tourist destinations. The project proposes AI technological solutions applicable to tourism, based on data analytics of bank transactions and social networks for the analysis and characterization of the activity of visitors to Catalan tourist destinations.

One of its objectives has been the validation of applied technologies, such as knowledge engineering or Artificial Intelligence technologies (sentiment analysis and clustering procedures), to extract valuable results in the understanding of behavior of visitors In addition to defining the methodology of data treatment, the interpretation of the results and the correction of possible biases derived from the data sources.

Download on this website the results reports launched in July 2022.

Key tools for a sound talent management in tourism related organizations

With a qualitative research approach, the project focuses on identifying, analyzing and proposing the best tools available for the tourism sector for optimal talent management in the framework of the companies and organizations that are part of the CoE in Tourism Innovation. Based on a dozen interviews, a diagnosis is drawn up and reports from both the tourism sector and associated sectors are studied in order to analyze and identify tools and resources that can be considered structural. The dissemination of these tools is the final objective of the project, which will crystallize with an indicative action plan, which later on, each company/organization will be able to shape and follow up according to their particular circumstances.


This project is currently under implementation (2021-2022) and has been coordinated by the Talent Management Working Group on behalf of the funding members of the CoE in Tourism Innovation.